No Tricks, Just Treat Others!

Treat Others

Treat Others

Hello Sunshine! Ok, be honest… How many Pumpkin Spice Latte’s have you had so far this season? I know! I’m finding pumpkin flavored everything everywhere! I love it! I haven’t found anything unusually ‘Pumpkin’ flavored. I do love it when my husband & I shop and he points out pumpkin items to me. He’s so silly! Let me know if you find something silly or unusual.

Ok, if you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you probably have seen that I like to treat anyone that treats me. Now, I would definitely take all of my caregivers to lunch if my budget could afford, but I have to do a gesture that is more in my pocket book.Especially with my abundance of caregivers!

What You Need To Treat

What You Need To Treat

So, I give these cute little buckets of sweets to those kind caregivers! If you would like to Treat others, you don’t need much, and you can get this at your supermarket when you are getting your groceries like I did. You can dress these up, but sometimes I have not been so prepared and I have picked up prior to my appointments & just put it together in the car on the way.

Put Your Treats Together

Put Your Treats Together

I just place the tissue in, I mix up the candy, sometimes I write a card & that’s it! Looks Super Cute! Different seasons call for different fun packaging. I also like to put non-candy snacks, like granola bars, individually wrapped mixed nuts, Gold Fish Brand Snacks, pretzels, non-chocolate candy, etc. In our Texas Summers ~ Popsicles are one of my favorites to give! I even give little packs of stationery from my card shop. I just happened to get all chocolate candy this time!

I was recently released from my Orthopedic Surgeon(YIPPEE) so I wanted to return to their office and give them a bucket and let them know about the post that I had written about my ankle, remember: So I Broke My Ankle, Big Deal .

I like to drop these off at my post office, my doctor’s office, my local coffee shop that I frequent & more. I love my native Austin & it is a growing city, but I want to keep it the small city that I grew up in. Any way that I can keep it where we know each others names and we help each other & have the ‘Small Town’ feel I grew up in, I want it.  Well, it’s just nice to treat those that treat us, even with a little something. I am not trying to guilt anyone, just letting you know a little way I pay it forward & keep us smiling at each other instead of ignoring each other as we go about our days.

I hope I see you today & give you a smile as always,


Lots of love


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