Host a Romantic Couples Valentine Dinner With Fun Loving Games!

Set A Colorful Table With Your Paper Table Cover

Set A Colorful Table With Your Paper Table Cover

Hosting a Valentine’s Dinner Party is such a fun event. A little event of about 3-4 couples is perfect. Have a nice lite dinner and lite romantic dessert. Something that is going to be filling to play games after, but not too heavy that they can go home and have a romantic evening together. The best dinner topics are how each couple met, first dates, wedding songs. Its always nice for the host to have a little list hidden under the dinner plate just in case there is a quiet uncomfortable lull during dinner.

If you do not have the proper Valentine Theme linens, just grab some: banner paper and stencil or hand stamp hearts or fun loving symbols for a playful table cloth.

Make Your Own Table Covering

Make Your Own Table Covering

This makes the dinner playful and not so formal. It also makes for the event to be not so expensive for the    host to purchase linens in a Valentine Theme or needing to have cleaned after the party.

If you will be playing the couple games after dinner at the same table than removing the paper banners will   make for easy clean up for the games to begin!

Have a few games to play. About 3-4 games is more than enough. You do not want to keep the couples from their romantic evening together after all the ‘Love In The Air’!

A very popular game is Valentine Bingo. There are many websites to print up cards and use conversation hearts to cover the cards with.

One of my favorites is Matching the couples: Have a list on the left of names and a list on the right of names and

Cupid Bingo Game

Cupid Bingo Game

have the couples match the couples together by drawing a line. I have attached one of the versions that I have used in the past, however feel free to use couples that are relatable to your guests:  Famous Couple Match Up Valentine Game

My very favorite game is using ‘The Chopstick Game’. You use the chopsticks as a couple to move the Conversation Hearts from one bowl to the other bowl! I am not sure if this is an old game, but I just adore it. It may be because we are a power couple at this, always enjoying Asian food and often eating with Chopsticks! Some couples are really good with chopsticks & some are not, but it is always fun to watch the competition. This is a timed game to see how many hearts the couples move in the time of about 2 minutes.

Of course always have nice romantic prizes, a bottle of wine, a gourmet box of Valentine Chocolates, a romantic movie DVD, a gift card for a movie theater. Just any romantic prize you can think of. Remember you always want to have extra prizes for any tie’s in games.

Valentine's Day Chopstick Game

Valentine’s Day Chopstick Game

Of course send your couples home with a Romantic Party Favor. I tend to go over board on these because your guests have really spent a wonderful evening with you and have been wonderful sports in playing the games. I love filling a bucket with a bottle of my favorite: Sparkling Riesling, One of our favorite: Romantic Movie DVD‘s, A petite box of my very favorite: Honey Dust for sweetness and a very endearing note on: Fine Stationary of love & Wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be filled with lots of love!


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hugs & kisses

hugs & kisses

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