Lisa Serrano

Sending Love

Sending Love

Hello Sunshine!

I am a Native Austinite and I do often write about my beautiful city, The Live Music Capital of The World! It is a great city to live in and a great city to have grown up in.

I have always enjoyed hosting our family & friends in our home. Anything we could do to make them feel comfortable and as if they were on a little vacation is the way I always want them to feel. I always want to plan little snacks or if the occasion needed~ decorations, but I want to do it on a budget! Of course, not let it be known I am on a budget. I love to have our home decorated perfectly, but I must get it all on sale or repurpose the items myself! Yes, I am a Penny Pincher, I don’t mind the title. I love passing on the best ways to DIY, repurpose, decorate or pass sales I get onto you through my blog. I also share the ways I decorate for occasions on my party planner budget. I love sharing my favorite Boutiques in Austin because as I mentioned, I am a Native Autinite and I shop Boutiques for the best of Austin! We only eat in local restaurants here in our city. I often joke that if you see me eating in a Chain Restaurant,  you better call the police because I have been kidnapped! I rarely go to shopping malls or ‘Big Box’ department stores, because I like to keep my shopping local. That is why I say I am a ‘Boutique Chic Mousey’ & I hope to stay that way! I was born in Little City Austin, with small shops & restaurants is how I grew up & it’s how I will always stay.  I hope you come by for visits often or subscribe to blog posts or follow my twitter, Instagram & other social media Accounts. I would love to have you & I would love to show you Austin!

About Princess Mousey Cards

I have always been in love with sending loving cards to my family and friends. I would always shop for unique, designer & personalized stationery from Austin’s finest Boutiques. Write my sweet somethings, spritz it with my signature fragrance, Prada, and drop in the post. I now design & create stationery for my Etsy Shop, Princess Mousey Cards, for you to give to your loved ones.

Oh, when I use the name Princess I am a Christian and I am a Princess to my King above. Also, My dad gave me the name Mousey. It is a childhood nickname & all of my family still call me Mouse or Mousey even though my Father has passed. I had to name my shop with his name because I still love hearing being called Mousey after he is gone. It brings great love to me. I share that love with you!
Lots of love to all!



I love sharing my personal experiences on this blog. I value honesty in myself and in others. I am very open in my illness and will answer questions to the best of my ability. I do not have any medical degrees, I only have my own experience. If there is any advice taken from this blog, it is sure not meant to be given that way. I am a very open person and do not express any hate towards anyone. If for any reason you feel that you or your group has been wronged, I appreciate you letting me know. I am sure it is to be a misunderstanding. It is not like me to have any malicious intent.


When sharing your email for subscribing, your information will remain confidential and not shared with or sold to third parties. I appreciate your comments very much and will reply & post so long as they are not negative to my post or to others that have made comments on the post. If I believe the comment is negative, I will not allow it on the post. I am open to discussion, but not open for negativity and starting any negative feelings toward others.

Thank your for understanding.

If you have any questions, please email me at: princess

Lots Of Love, Princess Mousey Lisa Serrano

Lots Of Love, Princess Mousey Lisa Serrano

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