My New Favorite Skin & Hair Care Product

My New Favorite Beauty Product http://princessmouseycards.com

My New Favorite Beauty Product

Hello Sunshine! I just want to say, I love Springtime! For most of us, it has been a brutal winter & having beautiful blooms everywhere is very satisfying.

I am sometimes contacted to sample skin & hair care products, but I am very low maintenance on my daily routine & do not like to use products with lots of ingredients that are not natural. Oil Essentials contacted me and offered to send me a sample & I accepted because I actually already used products like this at the current time. I was kindly sent the sample & I can now say, after a month of use, that this is My New Favorite Beauty Product! I use this every time I wash my face. Just a drop and my skin feels silky smooth & a radiant glow.

I also put a few drops in my hair, by rubbing it in the palms of my hand and combing it through & working it to the ends. Oil Essentials not only gives my hair such a beautiful & healthy shine, but I know I am giving my hair the moisture that it deserves.

Oil Essentials is also great for any dry spots, such as your: elbows, knees & the heels of your feet. Perfect for our spring sandal weather!

It’s hard to say what is my favorite benefit of Oil Essentials. It feels great & nourishes my face. It gives my hair a healthy shine and moisture. It has a beautiful light fragrance that is not medicinal. The price of Oil Essentials is very affordable and available at H-E-B grocery stores, Rite Aid & Target Stores. A major benefit: I can tell you that one of my most bothersome properties about moisturizers is that it leaves a long lasting greasy feel on your skin & that is NOT what I get with Oil Essentials. As soon as I put it on, it is working! Always good because there is no need to moisturize door knobs or light switches as I do when I use other products.

Oil Essentials are available in 6 different Oils Free From Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates & Synthetic Colors including:

  • Seabuckthorn Berry & Borage: A harmonious blend of sea buckhorn berry & borage seed oils, bolstered by the nourishing benefits of avocado & meadow foam seed oils. Boosts hydration for skin & adds shine to hair.
  • Omega 3, 6, & 9 & Evening Primrose: ( Sample I was given ) A revitalizing, light combination of evening primrose, sunflower seed & meadow foam seed oils, boosted with inca-inchi oil – rich in omega 3, 6 & 9. Helps to heal dry skin & strengthen & moisturize hair and scalp.
  • Neroli & Avocado: Stimulate your senses with this unique blend of neroli and avocado oils, boosted with sesame seed, meadow foam seed, cardamom seed & citrus oils. Protects & balances skin & hair by controlling overproduction of sebum.
  • Argan & Wheat Germ: A rich balance of argan & wheat germ oils, formulated to replenish skin & hair with essential nutrients, with added benefits of olive and meadow foam oils. Prevents moisture loss when used on skin and an excellent conditioner for hair.
  • Sweet Almond & Macadamia: A perfect blend of sweet almond & macadamia nut oils, crafted to prevent moisture loss in skin & hair and bolstered with jojoba & meadow foam seed oils.
  • Lavender & Rose Hip: A soothing blend of lavender & rose hip oils, with the added nourishing effects of coconut, sunflower & meadow foam seed oils.
Essential Oils at H-E-B http://princessmouseycards.com

Essential Oils at H-E-B

I’m happy to find Oil Essentials at my neighborhood H-E-B Grocery Store. As I mentioned, I am very low maintenance and I love that I can pick it up whenever I am doing my grocery shopping. I found Oil Essentials in the Soap Aisle of H-E-B. You can also find Oil Essentials at Rite Aid and Target Stores. Each Oil has an MSRP of $12.99 & as you can see above, I found them at H-E-B for $9.97.

Try Oil Essentials in your beauty routine. I think you will really love it as much as I do. Thanks for visiting &

Lots of Love,


Princess Mousey Cards

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Valentine, You Are The Sweetest Thing!

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The Sweetest Things!

I just love Valentine’s Day! I give valentine gifts to almost everyone. I never miss an opportunity to let my friends and family know how much I love them. I love sending snail mail. My son still has memories of growing up in grade school and I always sent him his very own Valentine cards in the mail. He loved it! Everybody loves to feel special!

Family Night In For Valentine's Evening http://princessmouseycards.com

Family Night In For Valentine’s Evening

A Night In With The Family For Valentine’s Evening

Of course, times have changed when you are married for a few years. You realize going out to a fancy dinner may not be your Valentine Dream date. Maybe now you have kids and spending an evening in with the family is your dreamy Valentine Evening. Well, I love that feathery, silky & satiny lingerie as much as anyone, however~ once I wear it, the luster is gone. I always believe that if I just wear something new & comfy~ then this is a Valentine’s Day outfit! Of course, something that is family friendly & you can wear more than just the one holiday. My family wants to see me comfy and confident because that is what made them fall in love with me!

A Night In For 2 This Valentine's Evening http://princessmouseycards.com

A Night In For 2 This Valentine’s Evening

Just The 2 Of Us For Valentine’s Evening!

Ok, now you will know too much, but this is me at home. I love wearing a camisole and shorts always! This is my at home outfit. This is as ‘Hot Tamales’ as I get! I have these in every color, lace, satin, silk~ you name it. These are so comfy and I can wear them under clothes and to sleep. I put my knee high socks on and I am in my happy place! Again, this is a great at home date night loungewear that you can wear again & again. Not too see through lacy, tight fitting or feathers flying & I must say, my husband does not complain when I have them on around the house.

Don’t forget to put something sexy for your Lover in your shopping cart also!

Lots of love,


Princess Mousey Cards

Merry Christmas, Let’s Celebrate!

Merry Christmas, Let's Celebrate!
Do you have your Christmas Party Dress ready? Well, I wanted to get something together before I go shopping. I picked these out. I am looking for something red and gold. I thought I could recycle the dress for Valentine’s Day & maybe our Anniversary. I of course will not go with the name brands, but will look for similar items. Hopefully I will find something close to. Lots of luck to you all finding your designs.
Lots of love,

Karen Millen dress

Manolo Blahnik yellow pumps
$1,065 – harveynichols.com

David Yurman diamond ring

Christmas home decor

A Boutique Chic Girls Suitcase Packing Tips

Boutique Chic Mousey's Packing Tips

Boutique Chic Mousey’s Packing Tips

Hello Sunshine! Does anyone have any travel plans for the holidays? I am happy to say that I will be spending time with my family in Seattle. My brother is a single father and will be ‘stealing’ my nephews for the week! I don’t have any little ones here in Austin, so it will be nice to be with kiddos. My brother & nephews did come to Austin for a visit in the spring and I enjoyed every minute, but it’s my turn to check out his town. Not to mention, it’s time for me to have a vacation! The last vacations I had have been very stressful & confined. I am ready for a laid back time away.

Now, I am no travel expert, but I am very High Maintenance. I can admit it. I was always the one that would start off my suitcase with 75 lbs. and had to take items away. I was the one that always said, ‘Just in case’. I would pack an iron just in case! Hey, I  improved though. I have learned to take a few outfits that are interchangeable and not so many shoes! Do I really need to be ‘The Best Dressed’? No, I don’t. I just need a few fantastic accessories and be the subtle classic fashionista that I normally am her at home.

I used to have a bright pink suitcase, but she went on many trips with me and we had to part ways. My Husband bought me this Big Red Case one day when we were going on a trip in a hurry. I would normally get a 4 way wheeler, but this is OK for now, as long as it has 1 side with wheels. I always attach a bright bow, ribbons or something that identifies the bag as mine. Only because when everyone is gathered around the carousel, it’s best to identify your case, or cases as quickly as possible, grab them and get out of the way! I once saw a young lady grab my pink case at an airport and take it to the connecting carousel. I freaked out! Of course, Pinky, my suitcase, met me at my destination, I just could not believe she grabbed my case. I hope she got her case, because I never caught up to her.

There are a few items that I must travel with, I take in my carry on I place in my big case.

Packing Basics

Packing Basics

For my Carry on I always carry:

  • an extra outfit, undies & socks in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost
  • disposable wisps toothbrushes & mouthwash for dry mouth from a plane ride
  • a book
  • non-crunchy & non-smelly snack
  • hair clips & lip balm
  • medications with a medication list
  • a journal to jot down what I want to do on my trip and what I did on my trip when I am returning home
  • my camera
  • My rosary always goes with me!
  • Eye mask, ear plugs & a light throw blanket

I keep all my medications, vitamins & jewelry in my carry on bag.

With placing jewelry in your carry on take special care. Keep in mind, you can make an outfit completely different by accessorizing it with your jewelry if you need to reuse it. When packing long chain necklaces place the chain through a straw so the chain does not get tangled in transit. I also keep each piece in its own pouch & place the pouches in their own bag. Sounds repetitive, but makes it easy when you are trying to live out of a suitcase for a few days. 

My Packing Must Haves

My Packing Must Haves

For my luggage, always pack:

  • A bathing suit because a spontaneous swim anywhere in the world would be fantastic!
  • A travel umbrella is great because who wants to spend travel funds on umbrellas & there is always unexpected weather
  • I like bringing magazines and T-shirts from home because I do get homesick and a little bit of home is nice.
  • I bring a travel candle of a fragrance I am using at home or room spray also to help with homesickness.
  • I bring lots of plastic zipper bags for dirty clothes, souvenirs, paper! I am always buying paper on my travels for my card shop, but you may have your particular collections. 
  • I pack maxi skirts to interchangeable with tops. I find that with different accessories these skirts can really be dressed up and with solid color tops you can go with a basic shoe also.
  • With shoes as long as you wear a nice flat with some type of decor it will be perfect! Flat is best because you will probably do lots of walking, but definitely bring a nice pair for those fashionista moments! I make sure I pack each pair of shoes in a cloth bag so I do not get any of my suitcase items dirty. If you do not have cloth bags, put them in plastic bags. For me, sight seeing is so much fun, sometimes a once in a lifetime experience & you can rest when you come home.
  • I place my ‘personal items/lingerie’ in plastic zipper bags just in case my luggage needs to be checked by TSA. You never know if you will need to be randomly checked and it is a little strange to have my unmentionables rummaged through & I can take the air out of the bags to make space in the luggage. Where I am going it may be cold in the mornings, so I will be wearing light leggings under my maxi skirts & I can remove them when it gets warm. Layering is always best & if it something that is fashionably unnoticeable ~even better!

I will be wearing one of the maxi skirts on the plane with my Mary Jane style Merrell Shoes. I like to wear easy take on and off shoes with my no-show socks because I do not like to tie shoes in a hurry and I do not like to have bare feet at the airport. I do wear my jewelry, but I take it off on the plane and put it back on when I arrive at my destination. Yes, I do believe we should go back to looking nice at the airport, at least making an effort. Remember, I am a Boutique Chic Mousey, but by all means, always dress for your comfort. I always bring a sweater on the plane in case I get cold. I am very cold natured.

  • I do bring 2 dresses. 1 is a long or little black dress and the other can be a day dress, depending on what season it is & where you are traveling. I love that I have this long red dress, it is perfect for packing~ still very dressed up & since it is a knit, I do not have to worry about it getting wrinkled during transit!
  • I also packed 2 raincoats because where I am traveling it rains often. One long & one short with matching scarves.

So, my luggage needs to be under 50 lbs. and I made it at 36.5. I guess I will be bringing souvenirs back! Again, I am no travel expert at all, but I am happy that I made it under weight and have space left in my bag.

If you are traveling overseas, as I am, I really recommend sending copies of your personal identification to your email account just in case of an unfortunate loss or stollen while on vacation. Of course, it is good to have hard copies with you, but in case, email copies also. Maybe I gave you some tips or at least one. Wishing you safe travels!

Lots of love,


Princess Mousey Cards

Extra Room For Souvenirs

So I Broke My Ankle, Big Deal!

What Happens When A Fashionista Breaks Her Ankle

What Happens When A Fashionista Breaks Her Ankle


Hello Sunshine! School is back! Some are happy, some are sad. I always say we need to pay teachers more whenever we have an opportunity. Our teachers do so much to educate our children for 9 months and we do our very best with the 3 months we have, but really we are not the professionals~ they are. Not saying we are not to help with teaching their curriculum when they are out for the school days. Just that we may not be best at starting any new studies on our own. Always give those teachers the best we can when the little cherubs return!

So for this month for BlogHer I mentioned that we are all writing about healing. Emotional healing is what I have been focusing on or when I have been brainstorming. Then, as I have been all summer~ I was going to my post op visit for my broken ankle. Some of you may know that I broke my ankle Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, that’s right ~ the beginning of Summer! The Texas BBQ smell is in the air, my summer dresses are ready to get out, my summer heels are ready to be worn & I am ready to just get some color because I suffer from migraines and I’ve been struggling with my Vitamin D so I have really lacked in my Latina bronze!

Collage Of Broken Ankle

Collage Of Broken Ankle

Then summer begins & I break my ankle! I didn’t know the first week that it was broken, or I was in denial. I thought I just twisted it really bad when I fell as I was coming out of my Mini Cooper with too many shopping bags and my large Chloe handbag. No, I never feel the need to make more trips to the car, that’s absurd! Well, finally I went to the primary care & yes, it was broken so I needed to see a surgeon. Yes, Surgery Needed, ‘When would you like to schedule?’ I’m thinking,  ‘Today is Monday.’ Surgeon says, ‘I can schedule your surgery Friday, but you may want a second opinion & discuss with…’ I interrupt,’That sounds great, if I think about it too much… besides I really want to just get this over with and get back to normal!’ Ha! Oh Yes! That is where my surgeon should have said, ‘Hold up, wait a minute!’ I was in a hurry from the very beginning. Like Sweet Honey Brown, ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!’ I was scheduled to have surgery June 6th. Done & done!

Well, I have luckily been moving right along every month, using my crutches (not very easy), doing my ankle exercises andwearing that ‘Stylish & Always Fashionable Post Surgery Boot’. For me this has been very difficult because I was just getting ready to wear my dresses and linen pants and just purchased great backless jumpsuits from Neimans that I knew would look fabulous with my 3″ heels! Guess what? Those fashion dreams ended when my ankle was broken.

I finally saw my surgeon last month and he said I could wear a ‘sneaker’ or a ‘running shoe’. Ok, I have those, but I use those when I run & when I run I am on the great Hike & Bike Trail in Austin so they get that really dusty look or even when I use them in our neighborhood, they get a good looking wear. So I did what anyone would do, I went shopping for a new pair of ‘sneakers’ or ‘running shoes’ to wear that I could use with my summer outfits that would look nice and not like one of those office people that walk around with pretty clothes & running shoes. Nothing against them, it’s just not my look & I could not rock it as well. I was out for most of the day with no luck, but I did find a great pair of heels that will look great when I am healed! I did try to stand in them & it was a no go. I thought if I need to go anywhere nice, I can be carried in them for now, but anyway I will try another day for the surgeon ‘Prescribed Sneaker’.

I never was able to go out for a good shoe that he had ordered and it was time to see my surgeon again. I had found my adorable pair of Mary Jane type of traction shoes that I wear sometimes when I am doing lots of walking on vacation. Perfect, right? Wrong! My surgeon said, ‘Cute, but not enough support.’ I also got in a bit of trouble for working out on my ankle. I really thought it would be a good idea to start doing squats with weights to build up my muscle, but apparently it is just too soon. Let me tell you, going shopping on my ankle all day is just not a good idea either. I just like to go out and get the weekly groceries to Whole Foods, Central Market, Costco and if we want to see a movie we will go to walk around the beautiful downtown Austin to the Violet Crown Cinema. Well, I have been a bit stubborn and pushing my ankle too much. My kind and wise surgeon said it’s no wonder that I am having so much pain because I am giving it to myself. I really need to be more homebound.

My New 'Hardware'

My New ‘Hardware’

What I thought was physical healing of my ankle has become more of an emotional healing. I really need to stop being so stubborn and stop pushing myself. I keep wanting to get back to normal and I think if I start acting like my normal self, my ankle will also. I got a huge wake up call that my ankle is going to tell me when I can go back to my normal self instead of me. I waited until I was 40 years old to break a bone and I still do not have the knowledge to listen to my body. As much as I am tired of being homebound, it really does not matter. I need to get over it and do what is best for ankle no matter how sad I am about it.

I know many of you are wise enough to know this, but I wanted to share with you my healing dilemma. I will always be honest with you, even with my flaws! So what if I missed my fashion this summer, big deal! I just have more reason to look forward to my Fall wardrobe, with more supportive shoes. I do hope I find some cute ones….

Lots of love,


Princess Mousey Cards

Why This ‘Do It Yourself Facial Sauna’ Is the Best Things Since Cupcakes!

Beauty Chic Facial Sauna

Beauty Chic Facial Sauna

Hello Sunshine!

I hope you all are well. I am enjoying this summer so far. My ankle is healing properly per my surgeon and that is great news! I recently saw this facial, Beauty Chic Facial Sauna in a weekly special and got super excited! I enjoy our very best local Viva Day Spa in Austin, TX every 6 months with the whole package of massage, facial, mani & pedi. My favorite part of the package is always the facial. I just love when my face gets the royal treatment of the steam and the creams. I love to hear how many blackheads come out of my pores, I know that is a little crazy, but I do. You can imagine when I saw this steamer, I just had to get it for my do-it-yourself steams at home.

I found it available to purchase at Ulta, Walgreens, Target & so on so you should have no problems buying or ordering online it if you would like to try. All about the same low price of $25.00. It is a small product and will not take up hardly any space in your cabinet for you to put away when not in use. The steamer comes with a large facial steamer cone & a nasal inhaler for clearing out your nasal passages when you are feeling stuffy. The steamer comes with 1 packet of cucumber mask for after your initial steam. I actually love my brand of mask, so I have not used the cucumber mask to let you know about it. There is a fill line in the reservoir for you to fill the water and the steam starts on its own for you to steam and it will end on its own when the water is gone by the light going out.

Post Facial Pic

Post Facial Pic

My 5 reasons for keeping this Facial Sauna:

1) It really works!

2) Easy to use

3) No clean up

4) The price is right

5) Does’t take up space

I love this steamer. It really works. I actually had blemishes after my steam, as you see in my pics, just like a true facial done by a professional. The steamer was easy to use and has no clean up, so that is absolutely perfect, because I still have the step of the mask to apply. Whenever you are adding a step, you do not want to make more clean up. After I steamed, I actually felt my face have more elasticity and my pores were so much more open for my mask. You will notice in my pic, I apply my mask with a make up brush. I like to gently apply anything on my face to avoid any pressure to my skin. Also, I apply masks and moisturizers to my neck and chest. These areas of our body get as much exposure to the sun as our faces, so do not ignore these areas when applying steam and hydrating masks. Just my 2 kisses of my beauty tips!

I will still go to the spa every 6 months, but this is great for my monthly mask applications.

Lots of love to you,


Princess Mousey Cards