Golden Art & Heroes

Hello Sunshine! You know I love to see movies! I recently saw 2 movies I wanted to share with you that I really adored. Woman In Gold is in Theaters now & it is absolutely perfect for a date movie. If you are a lover of Art, you may know the painting that the film is about & the story behind it, but if you don’t~ then go in and this will be a nice story for you. I appreciate and love art. I have read so much about history and this movie still shows so much more of the story and I felt so much emotion that I recommend this movie to you for a date or even a family outing. Then have lunch or coffee after to discuss like we did.

This week I finally saw Big Hero 6. I had heard that this is a great movie, but I don’t have kids to watch it with! Anyway, I finally put it in my Netflix DVD Queue. I loved it! These animated movies are really so advanced. Showing kids how to build robots and how to cope with death. Kid or adult, this is a great movie.

If you know of any movies I should see, let me know! I love a movie. Be sure to follow my Instagram @princessmousey. I usually post my movie watching with the #MustLoveMovies.

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