Family Fun Science Slime

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Family Fun Science Slime

Hello Sunshine! Well, I don’t mind telling you that I am the annoying baby sister! My brother and I are only a year and a 1/2 apart so we always played toys together as kids. The neighborhood kid and my brother always picked on us little kids because we were smaller. I always followed my brother along because I wanted to be ‘cool’ and he always let me because he wanted me to stay out of trouble.

When we visit my brother who is now a single father of my 2 nephews he was telling them the story of how I would always take his Star Wars play lands and play with my Barbies in them. I can remember playing in some Ice castle as if it was Barbies cool ‘All white modern’ home. Even then I was a bit trendy. When my nephews heard the story they were just laughing thinking how bad they felt for my brother! They are very polite though. They said, “Excuse me, but that sounds really bad.” At least he said excuse me? Well, We are going to make slime when they are here!

The classic is always slime. You have probably made it before, if not try it out. I always love to make the slime and say~ similar to family~ no matter how much you pull it apart, it gets back together, like when they fly back to Seattle, they are still family and we will always be together. I like that each of us can make our favorite color and of course, the boys would never make pink, they need me around for that!

You only need a few items to make the science slime:

  • 1 Cup Elmer’s School Glue
  • 1 teaspoon Boorax (in the laundry detergent department)
  • 3/4 Cup Cold Water
  • Assorted Food Color of Your Preference
  • 1/2 Cup Hot Water
  • Zipper Bags for Storage of Science Slime


  1. Mix together the cold water, glue, & your preferred food coloring. (I Chose Pink)
  2. In a Mixing Cup or Small Bowl, mix together the Hot water & Borax, until the borax is Completely dissolved.
  3. Slowly add Borax mixture to the Glue Mixture, mix well. Pour off excess water, if any. You will notice the slime begin to form. Perfect lesson for the kiddos!
Form The Science Slime http://princessmouseycards.com

Form The Science Slime

Super easy peasy right? Well, it is! And it is fun to make with the kids. They love seeing how it forms to a solid ball of slime right before their eyes. I have made this with kids that we had over some of my sons friends and maybe now my nephews will make it with their friends.

One things for sure, Barbie and my toy Mini Coopers will be playing with pink slime with my nephews! I have to be their lovable Auntie that girls everything up! I hope you get to make slime soon.

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It’s Time To Get Crafty with this Fun DIY!

Let's Get Crafty

Let’s Get Crafty

Hello Sunshine! I am so ready to get my Fall Decor on in our home. That’s right I have spirit, how about you? I recently ventured into our hardware shops & I am always overwhelmed! There really is a tool for everything and material for everything. I actually saw a faux brick wall! Can you imagine! Outstanding! Well, I did not get the faux brick wall, but I did get some of the more novice items for me to play with. Let me show you what I got to play with that maybe you may want to try.

Shopping The Hardware Shops

Still a bit too much for me. I knew what I wanted, but I did not find exactly what I was looking for. Luckily, there is a helper as you walk in to ask for guidance. The gentleman led me exactly to what I was looking for, but the shop did not have the larger size. I could have bought the materials, but I would have had to cut the size & I would have needed the tools. A little too much for a part time wood worker. I decided to buy ‘Off The Rack’ as he mentioned and use the smaller size. It really is just our entry table that I was trying to add a little ‘zing’ to anyway. If you can see in the pic, There are a few wooden furniture feet that you can decorate for a holiday. I chose a few and as I always like to say, “I did the best I can!”

DIY Fall Decor Candy Corn & Pumpkin

DIY Fall Decor Candy Corn & Pumpkin

Initially, I was looking for a few tapered legs to look like Candy Corn, but I thought the short stubbies were just too short, so I got the tall sticks instead. Although, there were these super cute double beveled cones that would have painted well as gourds. You know, I think what you choose will be fine. Depending on how many you use and the assortment you get will make all the difference. Oh, and get this~ these are furniture legs & staircase posts, so this is sturdy solid wood. This will be very long lasting. I decided to keep mine in the perfectly painted version, but I was going to sand ours to give it a more rustic look. Keep in mind, Decorating your Pumpkins and Candy Corn is your artistic privilege! If you would like to use sparkling crystals, different color paints to go with your decor, or even different types of ribbons, oh the possibilities are endless!

I do really like FolkArt Craft Brand Paints from Plaid Enterprises. The paints dry fast and really last on the wood. No, this is not a sponsored post, just one of my favorite brands & I really like their prices. I always like to create great crafts on a great budget.

So, depending on if you have a few paints on hand, the embellishments (ribbon, wood glue, felt bottoms & a few paint brushes…) this craft could cost you about $20.! Large wooden pieces cost about $7.50 and each & smaller are about $3.50 each, paint brushes I buy at the dollar store, FolkArt Craft Brand Paints $1.50 each. I like to put the felt bottoms on the finished wooden pieces so that they do not scratch any furniture, especially if I am gifting anyone my craftiness. I have found these Felt Bottom Pieces at The Dollar Stores also. If not, you can find at the hardware shops. They are used to protect furniture from scratching tile floors.

Princess Mousey Embellished with Photofy App with Crafty Chica  art

Princess Mousey Embellished with Photofy App with Crafty Chica art

I really had fun getting back into the craft room and making these, as you can see! Let me know if you get a chance to make some or if you are inspired to make something similar. I would love to see them. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram @princessmousey

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Here Comes A New Idea For A Personalized Gift!

Personalized Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

Personalized Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

Hello Sunshine! I hope you are well, I am a busy bee getting holiday cards ready for my little Etsy shop. I love working on holiday cards and last year was my first Christmas, I found myself a little unprepared. I wanted to share with you these cute little personalized flour sack dish towels that I plan on making for a few of our friends and family for the holidays. I always find personalized gifts are the best gifts! You place the receivers name and something specific about the family or couple that makes them feel special & they always want to use it in their home. Plus, they will always think of you! It shows how much thought is put into the gift and when it is something that is made by hand, even better! Mr. Diaz & I were married on Halloween, so I made our dish towel with the Dia de los Muertos theme. I love that theme for most of our items in home because of our anniversary. I also have been known to say ‘Hello Sunshine’ for years, so I love the bright and cheery daisy with the ‘Hello Sunshine’ on our sink. These dishtowels are kitchen usable and cold water washable, so that is even better!

Placing The Design

Placing The Design

You want to purchase good quality Flour Cloth Towels. 100% cotton, large towels. I made a purchase from Amazon and I was very happy with the quality and price. I purchased the Office Depot Iron On Transfer Brand paper. They worked fine. I used our normal iron, no need to use another iron. You will need a INK JET PRINTER for the iron on transfers. The images can be from your own pictures or from an image website. I found dustn.tv has found the best places to find free images online. So check him out!

Personalized Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Personalized Gifts Are The Best Gifts This Tea Cup is a Souvenir from our Trip to The UK, I took a photo of it & placed it on a kitchen cloth with ‘Hello Sunshine!’

Once you have your supplies, you want to pick your image that will be perfect for your gift & what you would like to print also. You can use so many different fonts to mix with your image as well. Since our image for our home was the skull, I wanted a ‘metal band’ font, so I went to my favorite website for fonts, Dafont, to download the perfect one. Dafont has every font imaginable for you. If you are looking for a Space font, Princess font, Spooky font, Movie font, or just any font! Use Dafont for this project or any project. Print your image & writing onto the Iron On Transfer. Also, don’t forget to Mirror or flip the image before printing. The design will be mirrored or flipped on your flour clothes when it is transferred.  I try to print as much as I can per page, to not waste transfer paper. As far as the print, I will use print as much as I can on 1 page. I do use 1  81/2 X 11 page for the image for the size flour clothes that I purchased. Before I Iron on my transfer I iron out your flour cloth to make sure there are no wrinkles on the transfer. I like to make sure my Iron On Transfer is centered, so I measure out the sides to the center to place my image. Place the iron on the setting that your transfer paper brand requires, my brand requires ‘cotton’ setting. When you start ironing, place the iron on the image to immediately stick the page to the cloth and press firmly on the image when ironing on. If you do not press firmly, your image will not transfer clearly. Follow the directions on your transfer paper for times, but it should not take long. Depending on your image size, it could take 1-3 minutes per image. Let the image cool before removing the paper and once it is removed you are set!

These are great gifts & fast gifts to make for those last moment invites or times that you really want to do something special. Also, great gifts in addition to a wedding registry gift for a newlywed couple. Placing the couples name with their wedding date and a picture that goes with their theme would be lovely with a gift! I love giving these to a party hostess with a bottle of wine wrapped inside the towel! Like I mentioned, I am getting my Christmas goodies ready, these make great Christmas Party Hostess Gifts with Christmas Themes. I love making these with ‘Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.’ or ‘Happy Holidays’

With you personalizing these, there are just so many options! Also, try personalizing pillow cases for the little ones. I will be making Minecraft pillow cases for my nephews. They are really into that right now!

Let me know what you make & don’t forget to instagram! Tag me in @princessmousey or @princessmouseycards. I would love to see your creations.

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