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Austin, TX No Place Like Home

Ok, I have been away for so long! Unfortunately I have had a few ‘episodes’ with my brain injury and I have been unable to post. Just my usual migraines and seizures, but it does keep me from writing. I have also been getting our home ready for a guest, well, guests. We just had my friend Jessica here last week and Next month my brother and my nephews will be here. Jessica was here to speak at Austin’s World Famous SXSW. I felt bad, but I kept telling her it was a big deal that she was speaking at the event because I was making her nervous. I am born/raised Austin, so I know SXSW before it is today. When it was just music and no badges were needed. Oh those were the days. Anyway, she and our other friends did fantastic! They were speaking about ‘How Latina Moms Are Raising Next Gen Coders.’ Yes, SXSW has changed. There is so much going on around the actual Convention Center and so many booths advertising their products & giving their products free to do just that. There are even people walking around as advertising. I was the driver for my friend. She doesn’t live here & I wanted her to have a great time, so it was so fun to see how Austin is still very beautiful and the parks are full outside of SXSW! Of course, get inside the madness and it is full of cars and people.

Well, I have been a busy bee reading for my spring book list. One of my favorite Instagram, @princessmousey friends recommended a book, I Forgot To Remember. I was immediately attracted because it is about a young lady who has had a brain injury and struggled with amnesia. She overcomes amazingly. Reading this book was very good for me, because it helped me to understand that I am not the only one that goes through this.

I like reading Sophia Kinsella books. Sometimes I just need to read a good girl book and the Shopaholic series are my tried and true ‘go to’s’. Having said that, Shopaholic To The Stars is not my favorite of the series. The book took a very long time to get me into it. I can easily read a 400 page book in about 2 days, but this book took me about 2 weeks because I could not find myself getting into it. However, the ending has me wanting to read the next. Go figure!

WOW! The Girl On The Train was amazing. When I was young I loved watching Alfred Hitchcock movies. This book reminded me of watching his movies, like Rear Window. Needless to say, I could not put this book down! If you start this book, look for a thriller.

After reading The Girl On The Train, I asked my Instagram, @princessmousey followers for a recommendation and given The Nightingale. This is a beautiful story of 2 sisters separate lives in German occupied 1939 France. You read the book, you really see how the sisters are different, but as you keep reading are they really that different? It is really a beautifully written book.

I love reading novels to take me to another place & time. I just love to read! You can find me on Goodreads. I really recommend these books. I believe these books were all 300-400 pages, but they are all written so beautifully, the subject is wonderful to take on spring break & are all so exciting that you will be unable to put them down, but that’s just my 2 kisses. You will find every moment of silence or just a moment of alone time to read!

I also want to let you know about e-mails I started receiving from Book Bub. Everyday I get their email of about 1-3 books that are FREE, .99 or $1.99 per book! I have bought a Vegan Cookbook, a Paleo Cookbook and a few novels. Of course, I have just deleted the email most times, but it is good to get a bargain book to download to your tablet.

My favorite is checking the free books on my iTunes books. I always find books there! Always the classics, but they also put newer books. If you have an iPad, check on the very bottom of the iBooks page for Free Books Tab & Weekly Bestsellers Under $4. There are even kid books in there.

Brain Injury Awareness Month http://princessmouseycards.com

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Last thing! March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! I have suffered a brain injury and I live in Texas. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has designated March 18 as Brain Injury Awareness Day. The Governor’s office estimates 2 million Texans are living with Traumatic Brain Injury & 144,000 sustained TBI’s in 2014. The Brain Injury Assoc. of America Texas Division assists victims & their families in finding rehab, legal, financial & other support services. 1-800-444-6443. biausa.org

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