Satur-Date Movie: Gone Girl

Satur-Date Movie Gone Girl

Satur-Date Movie Gone Girl

Hello Sunshine! Wow, we had a great weekend here in Austin. It was Austin City Limits Music Festival Weekend, so it was great to have all the visitors in for the outdoor live music under the beautiful blue sky with the cool breeze. Now, we have plenty of days like this here, but it’s nice when we have visitors with outdoor events so we give such a warm welcome. I hope you had beautiful weather where you are also.

Well, The hubby and I had not had a movie date in a while & we pre-purchased our tickets to see the movie, Gone Girl. I had the book on my Goodreads list, but I have so many books on my list that I would probably get to it this time next year. I had Instagram‘d that we were going to see the movie & I admitted that I had not read the book and a few of my friends & followers had mentioned that the book was so good, that I really should have read the book. Ugh! I should have, I know, but I didn’t. I made the decision to load it in my iBooks immediately and do a speed read. So far, so good, I was on chapter 6. I was flying by. Easy read. Then I took a break. Read a few more posts on my Instagram, ‘oh, I hear it’s really loyal to the book’. I started thinking, ‘Should I really complete this book?’ Then what will be the point of watching the movie? I stopped reading the book!

On with the movie:

Wow, A ‘Must See.’ Oh & you do not need to read the book before you see the movie. Now, Gone Girl is definitely for a mature audience, so don’t think you can bring anyone under age and it’s just a scene or two. It’s more than a scene or two. I always like to go into a movie knowing little to nothing. I don’t read reviews. I do watch CBS Sunday Morning, so I do watch David Edelstein’s reviews. My husband on the other hand must read reviews. The bad part of that is, he will tell me about the movie review and tell me what is going to happen in the movie. He did that in this movie also. This movie has so many twists and turns and is just a thriller that you may walk out of there with the ‘what just happened?’ Yes, we were breaking this one down for hours after! If you like a thriller, physiological thriller, suspense thriller, or a ‘Halloween Scary Thriller Reality Movie’ this is the one!

If you are in Austin, I recommend seeing the movie in one of our favorites, Violet Crown Cinema. The top left pic above is from the balcony at the Violet Crown. They have a parking garage and the cinema will validate your ticket. The balcony has the coziest chairs that you can grab a drink prior to your show while you wait for seating and soak up the Austin sun. The cinema has a lite bite menu, but I honestly recommend you get the popcorn and Brussels Sprouts. The popcorn is free refills and I believe they have the best tasting popcorn. I don’t know why, but it is the best. The Brussels Sprouts are almost as good as my own recipe, Top Secret Brussels Sprouts. I order them every time I see a movie at the cinema. Each theater seat has a table top, but you have to take your dish & drinks in, there are no servers. They also serve coffee & specialty coffee. I was enjoying a Double Dirty Chai, as you can see in the pic on the bottom right. We have been going to The Violet Crown since it opened and the staff is always friendly, our food is always fresh and delicious and drinks are always perfect. Recently the bar was short staff for the first time and the gentleman was the friendliest and fastest. I am under the assumption that VCC treats their staff fantastic because the staff treat VCC & their guests fantastic!

I love spending money locally in my Native Austin!

There were a few trailers for upcoming movies, but I will be looking out for The Theory Of Everything Movie. That looks like it might be a good one. Probably a movie I will ask my friend, Holly to see with me but thats all right! Not every movie needs to be a Satur-date. The Hubby saw a trailer, Birdman that interests him. It does look good. Perhaps that will be an upcoming Sadur-date.

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